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Babelisk can offer you a complete IP PBX solution to enable you to start your own “Boutique ITSP”

The BDEYE billing suite enables you to have your own bespoke brand login page for your customers and you can set your own prices, so that you are truly able to provide your own service. You can also have the ability to deliver your own numbering and call termination services directly to your customers.

A perfect product for IT companies to expand their services to their current client base , add value and increase revenue

As one of Babelisk’s partners you will become your own service provider. You are now in control of all your customers prices and provisioning and have ultimate control over how your business operates.

Our experience can benefit you, we want to continue to build our company and help others along the way

If you are wondering about becoming one of Babelisk’s partners please call us now on 0161 241 2002 and lets talk, it won’t cost you anything and it could be the best thing you do today!

You can grow your business with Babelisk today...we can offer you key solutions to unlock your potential.