Paul Lewis-Brown

Not only is Paul the founder of Babelisk, he can lay claim to inventing the internet on a night out with the boys, and armed with a pencil and a beermat. The internet was invented. In his spare time Paul likes to wrestle Polar Bears, but in keeping with his own strict guidelines, he just wrestles them into submission. No actual animals are harmed with his wrestling prowess. Paul likes to relax in the summer in his hand-built summer home, made from recycled wood and bin bags in the wilderness to which he gets there in his elastic band powered DeLorean in keeping with his own Green Policy.


Jeff Stokoe – Voice Engineer

Jeff Stokoe a.k.a. ‘COCO’ has been in the industry so long, we traced his records back to his first apprentice position with Alexander Graham Bell’s early telecoms experiments into ‘two cans and a piece of string’.  COCO is our resident ‘Beaker’ as he is the developer of the commercial voice platform SARK Asterisk which is ironic as he does not really like to talk to people. He does occasionally grunt Geordy sounds and points in your general direction if he likes you.


Mark Cohen – Software Engineer

Mark is responsible for development of our bdeye platform, no one knows exactly what he looks like and you can only communicate with him in HTML, PHP or Matrix binary. The ‘M.C.’ is like ice cream, “often licked but never beaten” as can be seen in his mastery of rates tables and math problems. Mark used to work for I.B.M for quite some time and it is here we believe that he invented his secret volcano lair, that he never leaves and where we understand he still lives to this day.


Alex Lewis-Brown – Accounts

Alex has been involved with Babelisk since day one. Alex is without doubt the most popular member of the team as she pays the wages and with that in mind we think she is smashing and would never give her a nickname!

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