Telitec Spain – delivering voice and internet services over microwave

Based in the Costa Blanca region of Spain TELITEC CONNECTIONS, S.L is a Spanish Telecoms supplier covering the whole of the Costa Blanca region. Since it began trading in 2005 Telitec has risen to become the largest independent wireless broadband and telephony provider in Spain. The original founders identified a niche in the market which showed that many ex-pats (mainly British, German and Dutch residents) living in and around the region found it difficult to obtain reliable, internet and telephone services. To that end they decided to build their own wireless broadband infrastructure that would bypass the need for locally delivered copper lines to both local residents and businesses.

Today the service covers around 12,000 square kilometres from Valencia in the North, all the way down through the Costa Blanca to Torrevieja in the South and reaching about 50 kilometres inland. The service is delivered using around 70 points of presence situated throughout the region. Currently the network serves around 30,000 users.



The telephone system Telitec selected for its VoIP service is the SARK 1200 High Avail- ability PBX. A single pair of SARK 1200 HA servers can handle around 1500 registered handsets and this can be expanded by stacking multiple clusters. In the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure to one of the primary servers, automatic failover to the secondary server takes less than 30 seconds ensuring service is maintained with minimal down time and without the need for any engineers to attend site. The SARK platform also provides customers with the flexibility to route calls over a variety of SIP carriers depending upon the destination and lowest call charges.

The service is delivered to each customer via a roof or wall-mounted dish connected to a wired/WiFi router. Calls are normally terminated using a regular Cisco/Linksys ATA con- nected to a conventional analogue telephone. Features include voice-mail, call forward- ing, call transfer and DND. For domestic users, various download speeds are available in standard packages of 2, 4 or 6Mbs depending upon individual requirement. Commercial packages are also available for heavier users.

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