UK Money Solutions

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Based in Birmingham UKMS have been working for several years in the debt management and consolidation industry. The company has expanded year on year and due to it’s committed and professional approach to helping clients to become debt free has enjoyed growing success.

Business’ of this nature rely heavily on communicating with their customers via telephone, as with all resources in your business it is imperative that it is reviewed and updated as your company expands and grows. A company like UKMS who help thousands of customers with sound financial advice would naturally apply the same ethos to there own spending and they realised that even though there business was growing and expanding they wanted a solution to ensure there costs of sales remained as low as possible and so contacted Babelisk for a solution.

Babelisk recommended a fully supported dialer solution, this would benefit UKMS on several levels. Primarily it would streamline the company’s operations and increase productivity. In giving their current experienced staff this invaluable tool to work with our aim was to increase each individuals work rate without increasing staff numbers overall.

UKMS just one week into their new dialer service reported an increase of 340% call rate and were amazed at all the benefits of this new welcome addition to there resources. On the balance sheet it is pure logic, how ever many staff you have multiply their output by 3 or 4 times which will equate to how much you can further grow your business without the burden of the associated extra costs. More importantly going forward you can be confident that every employee you take on in the future will add three times their worth to your company.

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