York Data Services


York Data Services (YDS) was established in 2003 in response to a niche within the industry for internet service provision within multiple-occupancy buildings such as Science and Business Parks. Since it’s creation YDS has also expanded into offering Data Centre server hosting, Business IT Support and VoIP telephony. As a result of this YDS has grown year-on-year to become one of Yorkshire’s leading Business ISPs. In 2009 YDS made a significant investment in their infrastructure to meet the needs of today’s businesses. As a result of this YDS is now a Tier 2 provider with the resources and resiliency necessary to serve customers such as Thomson Reuters for whom 24/7 access to the internet is essential.

YDS selected Babelisk to build a billing solution to support their High Availability SARK voice platform. Previously YDS had built a basic PHP program to extract call data records for their client’s calls which were then totalled in an excel spreadsheet, as they grew this became inadequate for their needs. YDS in collaboration with Babelisk created a bespoke package to suit their ever growing needs which incorporated a multi-level billing platform which would automate their billing process, had a client portal and would account for differing rates tables and call packages. They also wanted to include stringent security features, in the form of Babelisk’s very own bdeye Velocity checking software, that would check for spurious call patterns indicating that a client’s server may have been compromised.

YDS are growing year after year and experiencing great success. For our part Babelisk are constantly updating and adding features to support the direction that YDS are driving towards in this emerging market. We enjoy working in this type of collaboration a great deal as we value our relationships with such companies. We strive to serve our customers in the present and protect that relationship by working successfully together into the future , which we are positive in York Data Service’s case is very bright.

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