bdeye Billing Platform


After experiencing first-hand how easy it is to use the system as well as the depth and breadth of its functionality, it was clear to us that bdeye was the best fit for our objectives


I like the ease with which the solution can be customised and how it manages complexity in a relatively easy to understand manner.


These are only a few of the compliments we have received about our software and service they are undoubtedly the best recommendation of what & how we do what we do!  It may surprise you to know that we actively encourage criticism too, it’s the best way we know to always deliver what the customer really wants.

As a new Babelisk customer you will be supported and guided through the initial stages of the implementation of your platform (on site or remotely) throughout the installation period. You or your chosen administrators within your organisation will be given the basic knowledge and training to get you started. Babelisk offer additional on going support at every level from full tier one technical support to day to day management level support.

The bdeye software system is built around core design principles to provide today’s telecoms market, call provider’s and users with a well rounded product suitable for all your billing needs. It is straightforward to understand and operate and can be easily deployed for many different uses,  and in many different applications for business’ in every sector.  We can provide a complete end to end package or collaborate with your organisation to provide a bespoke solution.

There are a few factors to consider when making your choice, not all billing platforms are equal the following are unique selling points of our product.

1Rapid Integration  There is no need to install local server software; all we need is access to your CDR records and we will do the rest.You can be as hands on or off as you choose eliminating the need for a high level of supervision and minimising any costs associated with this.

2Easy Customisation  Choose from many templates custom colour ways and add your logo to make your platform and e-mailed bills look modern and professional.

3Automated Billing Procedures  Complete all your clients monthly billing run with a click of a button, it’s fast and efficient.  bdeye Billing will collate, archive and package your bills to be printed or emailed direct.

4Archive Data  bdeye Billing will archive your monthly bills for future access for up to 7 years.

5Access CDR Data  You will be able to remotely access your billing platform 24/7 from anywhere in the world at any time.

6Re-seller Capability  Have your own “White Label” package and you can be in control of your own commercial tariffs and packages as a “boutique ITSP” . You can grow your system as your client base expands and you can seamlessly integrate with CRM or Accountancy systems to provide full bi-directional data exchange within your business.

7Validate CDR’s  Unequivocal call records and spend reports to increase the efficiency and profitability of your billing process

bdeye Billing is currently in use throughout UK and Europe however it is not geographically specific and can be applied to any system and in any currency worldwide .

Babelisk bdeye software provides a vital component of the deployment and management of many of our clients’ telecoms services.

Our experience and knowledge within the telecoms industry means we can provide you with the right solutions for your business in a complex market.

You can grow your business with Babelisk today...we can offer you key solutions to unlock your potential.