Predictive Dialers

What is a Vicidial?

Vicidial is a call centre solution incorporating hundreds of features and options that allow agents to log into a web-based agent screen and take inbound and outbound calls as well as place outbound calls manually and from a list. The agent logs into one campaign and can also take one or more in-groups (or inbound queues) at the same time they are placing/taking outbound call. Vicidial can function as an ACD (Automatic call distributor), Predictive Dialler and can do many of the functions of a standard PBX as well.

What is a Vicidial Manager?

A ViciDial manager is a person who adds, modifies or deletes users, campaigns, lists, inbound groups (or queues), DID’s, Call menus (or IVR’s), add voicemail boxes, configure phones and manage the music on hold and audio prompts in the system as well as other items within the ViciDial system. They also control the call pacing and other campaign settings while a campaign is running in the call centre. A manager can look at performance reports, modify individual customer lead information, listen in on agent phone calls and do many other functions that are needed to run a call center effectively.

What benefit does a dialler give me?

A dialler gives you a plethora of benefits over manual dialling methods:

1Automate sales campaigns for outbound and inbound campaigns and recover real-time call statistics and call reporting to drive your sales.

2Automate call back calendars to never miss a sales call.

3Provide inbound and outbound scripts for your sales team to regulate pitches or answer calls in differently depending on inbound number called.

4Allow agents to work from home with a landline phone.

5Dial predictively to push 4 to 6 times more sales calls through your business than traditional manual calling methods.

6Record all calls and retrieve these at any time.

7Save hours with AMD (answer machine detection) and improve call back rates by leaving a pre-recorded message.

8Reduce massive costs over other proprietary dialler systems.

9Reduce upfront costs by renting a dialler from us and pay us to manage your servers and campaigns for you.

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